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We meticulously sculpt RICH content that converts YOUR story into action-oriented, revenue-generating CONTENT.... for all platforms and mediums. (Not gonna lie- We are REEEEAAALLY good at it.) Keep's gonna be cool...


We have created hundreds of hours of CONTENT for national TV! We have the relationships, access and track record to produce YOUR hit show! (And we have!) From the major networks to cable TV, Netflix and digital platforms. We can tell YOUR STORY to the world! (*Spoiler Alert* We have a TV production company in Los Angeles!)

Book Publishing

Best Selling Author on your bucket list? Lets do it! We have ownership in a New York Times best selling publishing company and can get your book out of your head and onto book shelves! We do ALL of the hard parts so all you have to do is answer questions and review the pages our writers/editors create. There is NO better business card than YOUR book! Fun, easy and POOF! You are a best selling author!


Few mediums today can have the profound impact of a well-produced documentary. Our documentary team are award-winning producers, writers, videographers and editors. Our CONTENT will elevate your story, brand or cause to a level that makes a powerful movie!

Social Media

Be An INFLUENCER! No more weak CONTENT! Let our team of social media wizards grow your audience and fan base with RICH CONTENT! When was the last time your content went viral? NEVER??? Scoot over and let us start pumping RICH CONTENT into your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and LinkedIn!


AWKWARD TRUTH: Radio is DEAD. Podcasting is the new radio, but better. Or at least it can be...with RICH CONTENT! We'll convert you into a podcast superstar! Have you listened to any of our hit podcasts? Seriously?? Look up some of our shows: "Geddie Dunn" or "Craft A Meaningful Life" or "Mega-Mentors!" or "Architecting Reality" or "Genshai Radio...(the list goes on and on but there is room on our list of hit podcasts for YOURS!)

Marketing Funnel CONTENT

Marketing Funnels are all the rage, but the dirty little secret is that more marketing funnels fail than anybody wants you to know. They fail due to an absence of RICH CONTENT. Cool technology cannot replace the need for rich content, so if you are considering marketing funnels or any other marketing campaign, let us wrap it in rich content to increase its effectiveness!


Why are the MAJORITY of apps never downloaded let alone utilized? Because most apps are just code and data but NO SOUL! The soul of an app is its CONTENT! Bad apps have bad content. Whether you need an app built from scratch or you have a failed app needing resuscitation, we will bring fresh oxygen and life to your app with...RICH CONTENT! Lets discuss what you want from your app and then we will tell you how that can finally happen!

Crisis Management

When something goes wrong, the very next thing you say to employees, customers, investors and even friends, determines if this crisis fades away or escalates to tragedy. Don't let lawyers speak for you. With a deep respect for complete confidentiality and security, we will sculpt messaging for you that restores faith and peace within your personal universe.

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For now, we are not disclosing names of our clients. But feel free to ask us privately!

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Imagine taking some of your advertising budget (which is giving diminishing returns) and directing it to high end, powerful media that is designed to market your product/service in a way that will cause your fans to beat a path to your door? Yep. That is EXACTLY what we do!

Our Services

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Foresight Media Management was founded by industry experts from the entertainment industry, the advertising industry and the technology industry. Their combined resources and knowledge create the perfect formula to assist companies, organizations and brands to successfully navigate the cross-over from old school marketing/advertising to the new digital content-filled universe.

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